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  Carrie Dickason and Mike Hein
February 4 - 26, 2011


About the exhibition:

Mike Hein's work is a reconciliation between the real and non-real. Where the found and fabricated become one thing. He annihilates any hierarchy between the two by creating a narrative that seems natural and believable but at once magic and emotive.

Carrie Dickason's studio practice is an act of cultivation, allowing intuitive decisions to inform systems influenced by observations found in nature. Through the use of common materials, she makes things in order to engage with her surroundings.

  Grizzly Grizzly
  Exhibition Overview
  Grizzly Grizzly
  Mike Hein, Untitled (Hat)
  Grizzly Grizzly
  Installation view
  Grizzly Grizzly
  Carrie Dickason
  Grizzly Grizzly
  Detail: Mike Hein, 'Driftwood'
  Grizzly Grizzly
  Carrie Dickason installation view
  Corner View: Carrie Dickason and Mike Hein
  Grizzly Grizzly
  Mike Hein, 'Blurry Plant'
  Grizzly Grizzly
  Installation view with Mike Hein's 'Log'
  Grizzly Grizzly
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