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OtherPossibleTitles GrizzlyGrizzly

Other Possible Titles
A Juried Exhibition
November 4 - 26, 2011
Your vote matters -- Visit us during gallery hours to vote on your favorite work!

Grizzly Grizzly is pleased to present our inaugural call for entries, ‘Other Possible Titles,’ a survey of contemporary art juried by the members of the collective. The thirty-five artworks selected  -- culled from nearly 250 submissions -- represent the wide range of artistic strength and thoughtfulness we witnessed from our artistic peers throughout the process.    

By far our largest exhibition to date, ‘Other Possible Titles’ will utilize the entirely of the gallery and spill out into the  adjoining floor.  Although incredibly divergent in media, the work on a whole demonstrates a particular intelligence and awareness of material and play within contemporary practices – whether it be through installation, photography, sculpture, video, or painting and drawing.  Selected artist locations range from Philadelphia to New York, Ypsilanti to Los Angeles, Barcelona to Ireland.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, Grizzly Grizzly will encourage visitors to vote on their favorite work.  The artist receiving the most votes will receive a solo exhibition in the 2012 gallery season. 

Our hope with this exhibition is to extend the boundaries of the call for entries group exhibition through risk and audience engagement.  Grizzly member and exhibition programmer, Jacque Liu, states that, “Our gallery is a meeting-ground for dialogue.  We know that our viewers see vast amounts of art  -- by giving them the ability to determine a future show, we hope to leverage their knowledge, experience and passion to help us define our audience and in turn, to create a deeper and more meaningful relationship to the work.”

Included artists are:
Aggtelek, Amy Sacksteder, Ana Galan, Analia Zalazar, Anders Johnson, Andrea Mcginty, Angie Zielinski, Areca Roe, Ben Will, Benjamin Farnack, Caitlin Lennon, Carly Glovinski, Christina Day, Christine McCauley, Dana Lok, Dave Kim, David Welch, Dennis Ritter, Eimearjean McCormack, Joanna Platt, John Jodzio, Liz Davenport, Matt Brett, Michael Ohgren, Olja Stipanovic, Peter Morgan, Rachelle Beaudoin, Run Shayo, Samantha Mitchell, Scott Giblin, Shelby Donnelly, Stephanie Norberg, Trevor Amery, Wendy Wolf, Yoorim Park

  OtherPossibleTitles GrizzlyGrizzly
  Installation View
  OtherPossibleTitles GrizzlyGrizzly
  Gallery exterior - as transformed by Stephanie Norberg
  OtherPossibleTitles GrizzlyGrizzlyOtherPossibleTitles GrizzlyGrizzlyOtherPossibleTitles GrizzlyGrizzlyOtherPossibleTitles GrizzlyGrizzlyOtherPossibleTitles GrizzlyGrizzly
  'Other Possible Titles' includes five excellent video pieces: Click on the Above Icons to View
  Video Artists from left to right: Trevor Amery, Rachelle Beaudoin, Andrea McGinty, Run Shayo, and AGGTELEK
  OtherPossibleTitles GrizzlyGrizzly
  View of floor sculptures by Ben Will, Shelby Donnelly, and Matt Brett
  OtherPossibleTitles GrizzlyGrizzly
  Southest corner of gallery featuring: Benjamin Farnack, Christina Day, Samantha Mitchell, and Peter Morgan
  OtherPossibleTitles GrizzlyGrizzly
  Northwest corner of gallery featuring:
Joanna Platt, Anders Johnson, Carly Glovinski, Areca Roe, Scott Giblin, Christina McCauley & Dave Kim
  OtherPossibleTitles GrizzlyGrizzly
  Northwest corner featuring David Welch and Angie Zielinski
  OtherPossibleTitles GrizzlyGrizzly
  Installation view west wall featuring:
Eimearjean McCormack, Caitlin Lennon, Amy Sacksteder, Micheal Ohgren & Liz Davenport
  OtherPossibleTitles GrizzlyGrizzly
  Southwest corner featuring John Jodzio, Dana Lok, and Analia Zalazar
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319 N 11th Street, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia PA