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Terra Fuller and Reuben Lorch-Miller
November 4th - 27th
Opening Reception: First Friday, November 4th, 6 - 10 PM

Grizzly Grizzly is excited to present Terra Fuller and Reuben Lorch-Miller in this November’s exhibition “Tunapu.”  The title, “Tunapu”, refers to a term inRukwangali culture describing the path from the creation of the world into the future led by art. This focus on process and the = generative powers of art-making are central to the work of both artists. Both Fuller and Lorch-Miller see their practice as a collaboration with time, place, and materials.

For the exhibition at Grizzly Grizzly, Terra Fuller will be displaying rugs that she created while living and working with local craftspeople in Morocco and Namibia. Reuben Lorch-Miller’s works tap into a broader set of references, expanding ideas of “primitive” and contemporary. Displayed together, their work raises questions about the meaning and function of found objects and artifacts -- and the role of the artist as both collaborator and appropriator.

Terra Fuller was born in rural Indiana and currently lives in San Francisco, California. She has an MFA from Yale University. Her multidisciplinary art has been influenced by extensive time living with indigenous cultures around the world. When living in Morocco and Namibia for almost 5 years, Terra began incorporating traditional craft like carpet weaving and basket weaving that involved processes such as shearing sheep, collecting camel wool from nomads, spinning and dying wool, and gathering palm fronds to create objects that embody the residue of her experiences. Terra has exhibited extensively on the east and west coast: Geography of Hope, Toby’s Feed Barn Gallery, Altered Again, Adobe Backroom Gallery, Fallen Cave Paintings: Mouhou, Touria and Zahra, Fort Point Arts Community, and House Beautiful, San Gabriel.    Terra is currently learning how to make quilts with an Amish master quilter from her hometown.

Reuben Lorch-Miller.  Reuben is a Brooklyn, NY based artist, writer and educator, with a dedicated studio practice and exhibition record spanning over 25 years. His broad approach to art making encompasses sculpture, photography, artist books, music, performance and long walks.  Lorch-Miller was raised in the Pacific Northwest and studied at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, later earning an MFA in New Genres from San Francisco State University in 2001.  Lorch-Miller has exhibited widely at such venues as Jackie Klempay Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Frye Art Museum (Seattle, WA) and MoMA/PS1 (New York, NY). He has been an artist-in-residence at Land and Sea (Oakland, CA), Rocksbox (Portland, OR), SIM (Reykjavik, Iceland), The Shandaken Project (Shandken, NY), Headlands Center for the Arts (Sausalito, CA) and Bauernmark 9 (Vienna, Austria). His work is held in the collections of MOMA, The Tacoma Art Museum and Brooklyn Museum of Art.

    Click here to read the Tyler Kline's essay accompanying the exhibition.
    Installation overview: Terra Fuller and Reuben Lorch-Miller
    Terra Fuller [Left to Right]
Big Sur Charm Basket, deer grass,mallard feathers, raccoon claws, dried bat, rat tail,sequoia pinecone,lizard hand,bakers string
Land’s End, pine needles, palm fronds, found Styrofoam, and baker’s string. 2016
Valley of the Roses Carpet, Thorn and Sand collage of paint, sand, glitter glue, and rose thorns on paper, 2011
    Terra Fuller, Night of Power – Laylatul Qadr, colored pencils on paper. 2014
sketch for Tamazight Arranged Marriage Sleeping Mat, carpet colored pencils and markers on paper, glitter. 2010
    Installation overview: Terra Fuller and Reuben Lorch-Miller
On Pedestal: Reuben Lorch-Miller's New Totem Two stained wood, hinges, photocopies, wall-paper paste. 2016
On Back Wall [Top]: Terra Fuller's Studio in Hdida Carpet,handspun black goat wool, handspun white sheep wool
some naturally dyed with purple onion skins, madder root, pomegranate peel, hand spun camel wool,
Moroccan sequins, henna, recycled old clothes, thread and yarn. 2010
On Back Wall [Bottom]:Terra Fuller's Tamazight Arranged Marriage Sleeping Mat.
sheep wool, camel wool, Moroccan sequins, thread and recycled clothes. 2010
    Foregorund:Reuben Lorch-Miller's New Totem Two stained wood, hinges, photocopies, wall-paper paste. 2016
    Reuben Lorch-Miller
Back Wall Left: Wall Crawler. photocopied flyers, cardboard, wall paper paste, thumbtacks. 2016
Floor by Column: Untitled (carved heads) dyed hemlock untitled (turquoise and black.) 2014
On Pedestal: New Totem found plastic sign, recycled cardboard, acrylic mirror scrap,
found flyers, photocopies, wall paper paste, tape, paint and QR code. 2016
    Reuben Lorch-Miller. Untitled (carved heads) dyed hemlock untitled (turquoise and black.) 2014
    Front: Reuben Lorch-Miller. New Totem
found plastic sign, recycled cardboard, acrylic mirror scrap,found flyers,
photocopies, wall paper paste, tape, paint and QR code. 2016
On Wall: Terra Fuller. The Birthing Mat.
recycled used clothes, handspun wool dyed with pomegranate, fig leaves, coffee, saffron, turmeric,
henna, madder root, purple onion skins, RIT dye, synthetic thread and yarn, and goat hair 2013
    Reuben Lorch-Miller
    Installation overview: 'Tunapu' Terra Fuller and Reuben Lorch-Miller
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