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'Dog is in the Details'
Alex Blau, Paul Collins, Amelia Garrettson-Persans, Jodi Hays,
Mandy Rogers Horton, Cliff Tierney, Willard Tucker & Ruth Zelanski
Coop Collective Exchange Show
July 6 - 28, 2012

Grizzly Grizzly welcomes Nashville-based artists from the COOP collective in the July group exhibition ‘Dog is in the Details.’  This eight person show, featuring Alex Blau, Paul Collins, Amelia Garrettson-Persans, Jodi Hays, Mandy Rogers Horton, Cliff Tierney, Willard Tucker & Ruth Zelanski dwells on the importance of the ‘little things’ in the artistic process, focusing on nuances often unseen. 

Funny and irreverent, this diverse range of painting, drawing, mixed media, installation and sculpture showcases a portion of COOP’s talented membership.  The show runs concurrently with a Grizzly Grizzly exchange exhibition entitled ‘Unessential Night’ in Nashville.   Like Grizzly Grizzly, COOP is a curatorial collective made up of “artists, curators, thinkers, and professors…committed to exhibiting art of diverse media and content” and dedicated to expanding discourse with the community.  Grizzly Grizzly is delighted to be partnering with them for the two-exhibition exchange.  A dialog between the collectives, moderated by Alex Klein scheduled to take place on Sunday July 29th at 2PM.

 Alex Blau is a painter inspired by things that people treasure.  Her small geometric paintings have been exhibited internationally in solo shows at Gallery Seomi ( Seoul, Korea,) Kennedy Gallery (Carbondale, CO) Wheeler Opera House (Aspen, CO,) Mark Moore Gallery (Santa Monica, CA) Kevin Bruk Gallery (Miami, FL) and   the New Britain Museum of Contemporary Art (New Britain, CT) as well as numerous group exhibitions.  Alex received her MFA from RISD in 1997.

Paul Collins is a diarist artist and curator who uses his daily experiences as a jumping off point for discussing the world.  He works in a variety of media; recent solo shows include Morgan University Center (Austin Peay State University) and Western Colorado Center for The Arts (Grand Junction, CO.)  Paul received his MFA from Yale in 1995 and is a former resident of Skowhegan and The Anderson Ranch.

Amelia Garrettson-Persans makes drawings that address ideas about home and shelter, family and secrets. She has exhibited her work in solo shows at Canio's Gallery (Sag Harbor, NY,) Point 5 Gallery (Albany, NY,) and Kismet Gallery (Troy, NY.)   Amanda studied Studio Art at Concordia University in Montreal, where she received her BFA in 2008.

Jodi Hays is an artist using visual metaphor to explore personal circumstance.  Her paintings have been featured in solo exhibitions at The Renaissance Center, (Dickson, TN), Drawing Room (Portland, ME), Jackson State University (Jackson, MS)  and Sacramento Street Gallery, (Cambridge, MA) and have been included in group shows throughout the country and abroad.  Her work is in a number of private and public collections.  Jodi received her MFA in Visual Studies from the Vermont College of Fine Art in 2002 

Mandy Rogers Horton creates work that utilizes the non-color of white in conjunction with magazine images in order to create a contemplative and contradicting space.  She received her MFA in Painting from American University.  Her work has been shown throughout Tennessee in spaces such as Twist gallery, Cheekwood Museum, The Basement Gallery as well as nationally and Internationally, including a group exhibition at The Phillips Collection in Washington DC and Galleria Il Labirinto in Rome.

Cliff Tierney  is a curator and artist that creates work in a wide range of material, allowing the process to dictate the outcome.  He has shown this work at The Visual Arts Gallery (Nashville, TN,) Studio 301 (Mobile, AL) Upstream People Gallery (Cambridge MA) to name a few.  He received his MFA from SCAD in 1996.

  Installation view featuring: Alex Blau, Willard Tucker and Paul Collins (left to right)
  East wall: Cliff Tierney,Will Tucker and Mandy Horton
  Ruth Zelanski and Amelia Garretson-Persans
  Mandy Horton
  Paintings by Jodi Hays
  'Quorum Sensingorganza' by Ruth Zelanski
  Detail of hanging sculpture by Willard Tucker
  Work by Paul Collins
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