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Hot! August! Night!
Molly Denisevicz, Nadine Guerrera, Peter Morgan, Jordan Graw & Jared Burak,
Adam Lovitz & Vince Johnson & Ritz Reynolds,
Kris Harzinski & Will Haughery & Chester Zecca
One Night Only Performance Event: August 3, 6-10PM 2012
Please note, the gallery will be closed August 4th through September 6th.

This August – for one night only – Grizzly Grizzly will be showcasing live performance works from a select group of eleven artists living in the Philadelphia/New York City region. The event will feature six different performances, unfolding over the course of the evening in the Grizzly Grizzly space and adjoining floor. Molly Denisevicz, Nadine Guerrera, Peter Morgan, Jordan Graw & Jared Burak, Adam Lovitz & Vince Johnson & Ritz Reynolds, and Kris Harzinski & Will Haughery & Chester Zecca will be - sometimes simultaneously - engaging the audience with radical, funny, mysterious, and off-putting actions and reactions. Like a popsicle on a hot August night, it will be both delightful and sticky.

Molly Denisevicz is a multimedia sculptor working out of Philadelphia, PA. Her work explores the interaction between artist and audience through the act of "being" or making something she is not or is no longer. Currently, Molly is working toward her BFA in sculpture at Tyler School of Art.

Nadine Guerrera was born in Waterbury, Connecticut in 1973. She received a BFA and MFA in Studio Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Recently, her work has been screened in the NAP Video Biennale, with showings at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Paula Cooper Gallery. Additionally, her work has been exhibited at Soho20 Gallery, New York, NY and at multiple galleries in Chicago, IL and Connecticut. Guerrera currently lives and works in New York City.

Peter Morgan is currently the Evelyn Shapiro Foundation fellow at the Clay Studio in Philadelphia, where he is working full time as an artist. He has a BA from Roanoke College, BFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts, and a MFA in Ceramics from Alfred University. In addition to his fellowship at the Clay Studio, Morgan has recently been in residence at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, MT and the Belden Brick Factory in Sugar Creek, OH. Morgan's work has been exhibited across the United States and Europe, and is in the permanent collections of the Shine Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art, the California College of the Arts, The Archie Bray Foundation, and many private collections.

Jordan Graw is a painter and performance artist who has been working out of Philadelphia since 2006. He received his MFA in 2010 from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Graw has been showing painting and performing at venues in Philly including the Avant Gentlemen's Lodge, Pageant Soloveev, Jolie Laide, Pterodactyl, Vox Populi, Little Berlin, and Bunker Hull.

Jared Burak is a musician and operates Lowest Fidelity Productions. Some of his projects include Sweet Nothing, Sanguine Piss, Rawar, Wet Cement, Sanguine Vessel, R.L. Stein, Whine, and The Sounds of Failure. He has been a part of various recordings, publications, and performances all over the United States including the Boredoms 77 Boa Drum in Brooklyn, NY, events at Philadelphia venues Vox Populi and Pageant Soloveev, South by Southwest in Austin, TX, and at the International Noise Conference in Miami, FL.

Adam Lovitz is a visual artist investigating a pluralistic studio practice, informing a way of using material and being attentive to how this material can connect to our consciousness of place. Vince Johnson is a performer, dancer, martial artist and teacher. His investment in all these practices have formed an intuition between body and mind.

Ritz Reynolds is a producer of music, by way of popular culture and in universal soundscape. As collaborators, they hover above notions of discipline and form, a quality stemming from a friendship based in recreation before art.

Vince Johnson is a performer, dancer, martial artist and teacher. His investment in all these practices have formed an intuition between body and mind.

Kris Harzinski's recent projects have been featured at Arcadia University, the Pratt Manhattan Gallery, the New York Public Library and the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore. He is a member of the M12 collective, whose work will be featured in the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale, and is also the founder of the Hand Drawn Map Association and author of the book, From Here to There: A Curious Collection from the Hand Drawn Map Association published by Princeton Architectural Press.

Will Haughery holds a BFA in Sculpture from Tyler School of Art and has exhibited nationally at Pratt Manhattan Gallery, John Michael Kohler Arts Center and Florida International University. He has given lectures and performances at City Hall Philadelphia, Tyler School of Art, Arcadia University and the New York Public Library and is in the permanent collection of University of Colorado-Boulder.

Chester Zecca is a performance artist based in Philadelphia. He has recently performed at Flux Factory and Spattered Columns in New York and the Contemporary Artists Center at Woodside in Troy, NY. He holds a BFA from Tyler School of Art.

  images courtesy of Jaime Alvarez
  Molly Denisevicz as DR MED
  Peter Morgan "Stand Up. Stand Down."
  Kris Harzinski, Will Haughery, & Chester Zecca in "Look Straight Ahead. Flex your Muscles. Be Hard. Come Back for More."
  Nadine Guerrera "Baggage"
  Clips from Jordan Graw & Jaren Burak's "Shame Game" and
Adam Lovitz, Vince Johnson & Ritz Reynolds "!!!!!!!!!!!!KEEP IT UP"
are available on the Hot!August!Night reel. Click Here
  Thanks to everyone who came out on this Hot!August!Night!
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