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'Love's Industrial Park'
Laura Frantz, Clare Grill, Linnea Paskow, Elisa Soliven, and Sarah Gamble
July 5 - 27, 2013
First Friday Opening, June 5, 6-10PM

This July, Grizzly Grizzly invites you to ‘Love’s Industrial Park’, a group exhibition featuring seductively tactile paintings and sculpture by New York artists, Laura Frantz, Clare Grill, Linnea Paskow, Elisa Soliven, and Philadelphia-based painter, Sarah Gamble.  Whether working in two or three dimensions, each of the featured artists actively investigates the materiality of art, employing expressive processes that invite intuition and transformation.   Artist, Linnea Paskow sees a psychological connection between the works on view, noting a shared dream work of the unconsciousin these evocative works as they hover between figurative and abstract.

Laura Frantz uses everyday visual phenomenon as a starting point for her saturated, abstracted paintings, embracing “the messy process of translating experience,” while Clare Grill employs the language of painting to speak about the layered and elusive nature of memoryLinnea Paskow also explores the inner-mind; her paintings use color and light to evoke emotional content.  The often-humorous sculpture of Elisa Soliven presents a reconfigured reality, where found objects capture the uncanny.   Finally, the intuitive and powerful paintings of Sarah Gamble meld abstraction and figuration through spontaneous mark-making.

Each of the works on view shows a process of visual exploration through action, using painting and sculpture to explore a shared unconscious. 


Laura Frantz lives and works in New York.   Her paintings have been recently been exhibited at Joshua Tree Art Gallery (CA), Saffron Artist Space (Brooklyn,) Janet Kurnatowski Gallery (Brooklyn,) and through the Bruce High Quality Foundation.  Laura has also exhibited her work in Ankara, Turkey, where she was a Fulbright recipient in 2007-2008.  She received her MFA from Hunter in 2012.

Sarah Gamble is a Philadelphia based artist.  Her work has been featured in recent New York City exhibitions at Edward Thorp Gallery, Field Projects, The Painting Center, PS 122, Jack the Pelican and Fleetwing Gallery.  Here in Philadelphia, Gamble’s work has been on view at Fleisher/Ollman, Pageant Soloveev, The Meyerson Gallery at the University of Pennsylvania, and Gross McCleaf Gallery, among others.  She received a Pew Fellowship in the Arts and has been awarded numerous residencies throughout the country.  Gamble holds an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Clare Grill lives and works in Queens; her solo exhibitions include Edward Thorp Gallery (New York, NY), Sloan Fine Art (New York, NY), Jen Bekman Gallery (New York, NY), and Real Art Ways (Hartford, CT).  Her work has been featured in group exhibitions throughout the US at venues such as Nudashank Gallery (Baltimore, MD), Marc Jancou Contemporary (New York, NY), Roots and Culture (Chicago, IL), and Aljira Center for Contemporary Art (Newark, NJ), to name a few.  She was a part of the AIM program at the Bronx Museum in 2008 received the Pratt Alumni Award at Skowhegan in 2011.  She received her MFA from Pratt in 2005.

Linnea Paskow is a Brooklyn-based artist whose solo shows include “Paintings,” John Davis Gallery, (Hudson, NY), "Collages," President's Gallery Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY), "Blow-up," Michael Steinberg Fine Art (New York, NY), "Mixed Message," Pribble Room/Munson-Williams-Proctor Museum (Utica, NY), and “Aftermath," Kunstoffice (Berlin, Germany).  Linnea Paskow has exhibited extensively and is the recipient of numerous residencies in the US and abroad.  She received her MFA from the University of Pennsylvania in 2002.

Elisa Soliven lives and works in Brooklyn.  Her work has been featured in “Drawings,” at Uta Scharf Fine Art (NYC) and in "Paintings," at Diamantina Gallery (Brooklyn, NY).  In the past year, she has been included in group exhibitions at Sardine (Brooklyn, NY), Nudashank (Baltimore, MD), Bull & Ram (NYC), American Academy of Arts & Letters (NYC), Heliopolis (Brooklyn, NY), Sideshow Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), and Janet Kurnatowski Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), among others.  She received her MFA from Hunter in 2011
    All installation photographs courtesy of Jaime Alvarez
    Installation Overview 'Love's Industrial Park'
    Two mixed media paintings by Sarah Gamble
    Elisa Soliven, 'Untitled', 2013
plaster, burlap, metal, chicken wire, peg board, wire, paper mache, pigment, aluminum leaf, acrylic paint, gouache, feathers
    Clare Grill, 'Husks' (oil on canvas) and 'Slip' (oil on linen)
    Clare Grill ' The Wiser' and Sarah Gamble 'Untitled'
    Three paintings by Linnea Paskow: ' Slippery Warf,' 'Salt Water' and 'Faith'
    Elisa Soliven 'Portrait of A.M.'
plaster, burlap, wax, paper mache, mica, acrylic paint, goauche
    Laura Frantz, ' Black Watch' and 'Northwest Passage', oil on canvas
    Overview of Installation, featuring Elisa Soliven's 'Portrait of Georgia'
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319 N 11th Street, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia PA