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Below is a listing of Grizzly Grizzly Exchange Exhibitions and external Curatorial Projects.
  A Mesh is Also A Snare
Esther Kleing Gallery, Philadelphia
April 8 - June 11, 2017
Featuring: Talia Greene, Amy Hicks, Michael Konrad + Jason Varone, Kristin Lucas, Susan Robb, Ephraim Russell, Sarah Steinwachs, Cindy Stockton Moore + Rachel Wetzel + Sarah Pulver, and Josh Weiss
  Future Imperfect Continuous
Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, Virginia
April 8 - June 11, 2017
Ephraim Russell, Josh Weiss, Talia Greene, Amy Hicks, Michael Konrad, & Cindy Stockton Moore.
Grizzly Grizzly and Friends at Butter Projects, Royal Oak, Michigan
October 3- 31, 2014
Featuring: Ruth Scott Blackson, Casey Droege, Talia Greene, Michael Konrad, Christopher Powell, Mary Smull, Cindy Stoctkton Moore, Josh Weiss and Margo Wolowiec
A Group Show at Abington Arts Center, curated by Grizzly Grizzly
October 10 - December 7, 2014
Opening Reception: October 10, 6-10PM
Featuring: Jaime Alvarez, Ruth Scott Blackson, Astrid Bucio, Mark Campbell, Brian Dennis, Anda Dubinskis, Amze Emmons, Jacob Feige, Julianna Foster, Sarah Gamble, Bill Gerhard, Rubens Ghenov, Talia Greene, Chris Hartshorne, Michael Konrad, Drew Leshko, Alexis Nutini, Tim Portlock, Anne Schaefer, Anne Seidman, Mary Smull, Cindy Stockton Moore, Josh Weiss and Linda Yun.
Interchange   Interchange
a collaborative curatorial exhibition put together by Grizzly Grizzly and Practice
June 14 - August 23, 2014
Featuring: Trevor Amery, Richard Ankrom, Sophiel Aurora, Maria Calandra, Jenelle Covino, Molly Denisevicz, Dice Crew, Casey Droege, Yevgeniy Fiks, Matthew Fisher, Hive76, Institute for for New Feeling, Isauro Huizar, Sarah Koljonen, Lilly McElroy, Yelena Popova, Potters for Peace, Sal Randolph, James Sham and Joanie Turbek.
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November 2013
Unessential Night
An Exchange Exhibition with Coop Collective
Nashville, Tennessee
July 7 - 28, 2012
Public Fiction  
A California Hotel
An Exchange Exhibition with Public Fiction (the museum of)
Los Angeles, California
October 15 - November 26, 2011
GrizzliGrizzlyWork   Work: We Are No Strangers
A group exhibition with Grizzly Grizzly, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Marginal Utility and Rebekah Templeton
The Crane Building, Philadelphia
July 14- 3, 2011
An Exchange Exhibition with Tompkins Projects
Mike Ellyson, Jacque Liu, Dennis Matthews, Mary Smull, and Cindy Stockton Moore
Brooklyn, New York
March 11- April 11, 2011


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