Exchange Shows
2014 Grizzly Grizzly   Extending in Both Directions'
Victoria Burge and Millee Tibbs
February 7 - March 29, 2014
  Trevor Amery
December 6, 2013 - February 1, 2014
1113_makingeyes   Sarah Eberle and Ben Will
November 1-30, 2013
Margo Wolowiec
October 4 - 26, 2013
Curated by Mary Smull
Urban Environments:
September 6 - 28, 2013
Curated by Jacque Liu
0813_card   The Dead Have Dreams: Guest curated by Oof, a Philadelphia based animation collective
A One Night Only Film Screening: Friday, August 2nd: 6-10PM
GrizzlyGrizzlyLovesIndustrialPark   'Love's Industrial Park'
June 7 - 29, 2013
Curated by Jacque Liu and Cindy Stockton Moore
0513_SpeedVarone   Jason Varone
May 3 - June 1, 2013
Curated by Michael Konrad
Victoria Lucas
April 5 - 27, 2013
Curated by Ruth Scott Blackson and Jacque Liu
Olivia Robinson
March 1 - 30, 2013
Curated by Mary Smull and Cindy Stockton Moore
WarriorDash   JR Larson and Jamison Brosseau
Guest Curated by Fran Holstrom
February 1 - 23, 2013
Pre-existenceofLandscape   Erling Sjovold and Emily Weiner
January 4–January 27, 2013
Curated by Josh Weiss and Cindy Stockton Moore
GrizzlyGrizzly_Card   Material Proxy: Community Supported Art
Sarah Kate Burgess, Brian Giniewski, and Linda Yun
December 7 - December 29, 2012
GrizzlyGrizzly_Ergotist   The Ergotist
Rudy Shepherd, Matthew Cusick, Jason Robert Bell, Scott Taylor
November 2 - December 2, 2012
Curated by Josh Weiss
ObscureCamerasGrizzlyGrizzly   Obscure Cameras
Jeffrey Moser, Jonathan David Price and Julie Schustack
October 5 - 27, 2012
Curated by Matt Price
0912_saver   Poseur
Eric Ashcraft and Brian Hubble
September 7 - 28, 2012
Curated by Ruth Scott Blackson
Hot! August! Night!
Molly Denisevicz, Nadine Guerrera, Peter Morgan, Jordan Graw & Jared Burak,
Adam Lovitz & Vince Johnson & Ritz Reynolds,
Kris Harzinski & Will Haughery & Chester Zecca
One Night Only Performance Event: August 3, 6-10PM 2012
Curated by Mike Ellyson and Ruth Scott Blackson
GrizzlyGrizzlyCoop   Coop Collective Exchange Show
July 6 - 28, 2012
Grizzly Grizzly   'Inside Space'
Mark Sengbush & John Chwekun
June 1 - 30, 2012
Curated by Mike Ellyson and Matt Price
Grizzly Grizzly   Microwave
Charlotte Hallberg & Johannes Deyoung
May 4 - 26, 2012
Curated by Dennis Matthews
Threaded Interface: Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza
a part of Fiber Philadelphia
April 6 - 28, 2012
Curated by Mary Smull
March 2 - 31, 2012
First Friday Opening Reception: March 2nd, 6-10PM
Curated by Cindy Stockton Moore
  Samantha Mitchell: Totems and Topographies
'Other Possible Title' Winner Solo Exhibition
February 3 -25, 2012
GrizzlyGrizzly_Duett   Duett: Alanna Lawley and Matt Giel
Guest Curated by Becky Hunter
January 6 - 28, 2012
GrizzlyGrizzly_SouthernCross   Southern Cross
Stacy Fisher, Rob Matthews, Matthew Fisher, Patrick Brennan, and Chris Moss
December 2 - 18, 2011
OtherPossibleTitles   Other Possible Titles
A Juried Exhibition
November 4 - 26, 2011
Organized by Jacque Liu. Juried by: Mike Ellyson, Jacque Liu, Dennis Matthews, Matthew Price, Cindy Stockton Moore, Ruth Scott Blackson, and Josh Weiss.
Patrick Gavin
October 7-29, 2011
Curated by Jacque Liu and Mary Smull
Grizzly Grizzly: Steinwachs Gilkerson   Out of Context
Skye Gilkerson and Sarah Steinwachs
September 2 - October 1, 2011
Curated by Jacque Liu and Cindy Stockton Moore
Mike Richison
Friday, August, 5th: 6-10PM
Curated by Jacque Liu
Jeff Williams  
Jeff Williams
July 1 - 30, 2011
Curated by Cindy Stockton Moore
LJRoberts   The Queer Houses of Brooklyn In The ThreeTowns of Breukelen, Boswyck, and Midwout
Lacey Jane Roberts
June 3 - 26, 2011
Curated by Mary Smull
grizzly grizzly   String (Figure) Theory : Lost Then Found
Ann Gaziano and Lauren Ruth
May 6 - 29, 2011
Curated by Mike Ellyson and Jacque Liu
  Strike Slip
Laura Moriarty and Josh Weiss
April 1 - May 1, 2011
Curated by Cindy Stockton Moore
  I Apologize in Advance
Milton F Stevenson V
March 4 -27, 2011
Exchange Exhibition
Carrie Dickason and Mike Hein
February 4- 26, 2011
Curated by Cindy Stockton Moore and Mary Smull
0111GrizzlyGrizzly   'Lost in Looking,'
Derya Hanife Altan & Casey Droege
January 7 - 30, 2011
Curated by Mary Smull
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