Exchange Shows
Speak Speak
Shannon Leah Collis

March 1 - March 31, 2019
Michelle Marcuse

February 1 - February 24, 2019
  Standing on the Verge of...
William Downs

January 11 - January 27, 2019
  Eternal Cleanse
PLAKOOKEE­ - A Collaboration Between Rachel Debuque and Justin Plakas

November 2 - December 16, 2018
  Dogs/Walls/Dark Energy
Leroy Johnson

September 7 - October 21, 2018
  Formal Wonders & Wandering Forms
Seth Koen and Skirmantas Pipas

July 13 - August 3, 2018
Think Much, Cry Much
February 2-25, 2018
January 5-27, 2018
Haitian Experimental Video
Artists in the screening include: Romel Jean-Pierre, Steevens Simeon, Joelle Ferly, Dymy Chouloute, Wendy N'djati Desert, Adler Pierre, and Maksaens Denis
One night screening: Friday, December 1, 2017
 Grizzly Grizzly was closed from July through November 2017 due to a building fire.
Roxana Geffen, Hedieh Javanshir Ilchi, Austin Shull, Michele Colburn, Dawn Whitmore
May 5-27, 2017 [Gallery open by appt only Memorial Day Weekend.]
Anna Collette and Jessica Lund-Higgins
April 7 - 29, 2017
  It’s My Party (and I’ll Cry If I Want To)
Christine Buckton Tillman, Janell Olah, Christine Shields
  Kelly Sears, Kelly Gallagher, and Martha Colburn
February 3 - 26, 2017
1216_card   DIGITAL ≈ SOFT
Tim Cross, Cable Griffith, Rob Rhee, and Susan Robb
Tunapu   'Tunapu'
TonguesTies   'Tongues, Ties'
0916_Grizzly   Scott Hewicker & Clint Takeda
  A Crowd of Nobody
0716_Grizzly   Phillip Scarpone
0616_Grizzly   Takashi Horasaki and Gautam Kansara
June 4 - 26, 2016
  Laura Splan and Gail Wight
Lunderby   Jacob Lunderby and Martha MacLiesh
0316_lorenz   Marie Lorenz
0216_echolocation   'Echolocation'
1215_HEX   'HEX Outpost / Post-HEX'
November 6-22, 2015
October 2 - 31, 2015
Hosted in conjunction with Alternative Currencies
September2015   Elizabeth Hamilton, Christopher Powell, and Julian Rogers
September 4-27, 2015
0715_color   'Spin, Dazzle, Fade'
0215_Storytelling   'If on a winter's night a traveler'
June 5 - 28, 2015
  Bernard Klevickas and Phil McGaughy
May 1 - 30, 2015
0415_brandt   Susie Brandt
April 3 - 25, 2015
03115_ColorCoded   'Color Coded'
March 6 - 28, 2015
0215_Portrait   'Their Mouths Filled With Earth'
February 6 - 21, 2015
1214_ShitandFlowers   It's Like Shit and Flowers
John Charnota + Alison Wong
December 5, 2014 - January 31, 2015
A Group Show at Abington Arts Center, curated by Grizzly Grizzly
October 10 - December 7, 2014
Opening Reception: October 10, 6-10PM
Featuring: Jaime Alvarez, Ruth Scott Blackson, Astrid Bucio, Mark Campbell, Brian Dennis, Anda Dubinskis, Amze Emmons, Jacob Feige, Julianna Foster, Sarah Gamble, Bill Gerhard, Rubens Ghenov, Talia Greene, Chris Hartshorne, Michael Konrad, Drew Leshko, Alexis Nutini, Tim Portlock, Anne Schaefer, Anne Seidman, Mary Smull, Cindy Stockton Moore, Josh Weiss and Linda Yun.
1114_everything   'Everything Bad is Good for You'
Chris Bors, Sandi Petrie, David Poolman and Jennifer Reeder
November 7-29, 2014
Writing Lessons
Grizzly Grizzly and Friends at Butter Projects, Royal Oak, Michigan
October 3- 31, 2014
Featuring: Ruth Scott Blackson, Casey Droege, Talia Greene, Michael Konrad, Christopher Powell, Mary Smull, Cindy Stoctkton Moore, Josh Weiss and Margo Wolowiec
1014_NickPrimo   Nick Primo
0914_collage   Jenny McGee Dougherty, Selena Kimball, and Tyler Starr
September 5 - 27, 2014
Interchange   Interchange
a collaborative curatorial exhibition put together by Grizzly Grizzly and Practice
June 14 - August 23, 2014
Featuring: Trevor Amery, Richard Ankrom, Sophiel Aurora, Maria Calandra, Jenelle Covino, Molly Denisevicz, Dice Crew, Casey Droege, Yevgeniy Fiks, Matthew Fisher, Hive76, Institute for for New Feeling, Isauro Huizar, Sarah Koljonen, Lilly McElroy, Yelena Popova, Potters for Peace, Sal Randolph, James Sham and Joanie Turbek.
0714_Gist   Ron Lambert and Christopher Moss
July 11- August 1, 2014
June_GrizzlyGrizzly   'To All the Girls I've Loved Before'
June 6 - 28, 2014
MayGrizzlyGrizzly   'Interval'
May 2 - 31, 2014
0414_LedbetterRushton   'People, Place, and Things'
April 4- 26, 2014
2014 Grizzly Grizzly   Extending in Both Directions'
Victoria Burge and Millee Tibbs
February 7 - March 29, 2014
  Trevor Amery
December 6, 2013 - February 1, 2014
1113_makingeyes   Sarah Eberle and Ben Will
November 1-30, 2013
Margo Wolowiec
October 4 - 26, 2013
Curated by Mary Smull
Urban Environments:
September 6 - 28, 2013
Curated by Jacque Liu
0813_card   The Dead Have Dreams: Guest curated by Oof, a Philadelphia based animation collective
A One Night Only Film Screening: Friday, August 2nd: 6-10PM
GrizzlyGrizzlyLovesIndustrialPark   'Love's Industrial Park'
June 7 - 29, 2013
Curated by Jacque Liu and Cindy Stockton Moore
0513_SpeedVarone   Jason Varone
May 3 - June 1, 2013
Curated by Michael Konrad
Victoria Lucas
April 5 - 27, 2013
Curated by Ruth Scott Blackson and Jacque Liu
Olivia Robinson
March 1 - 30, 2013
Curated by Mary Smull and Cindy Stockton Moore
WarriorDash   JR Larson and Jamison Brosseau
Guest Curated by Fran Holstrom
February 1 - 23, 2013
Pre-existenceofLandscape   Erling Sjovold and Emily Weiner
January 4–January 27, 2013
Curated by Josh Weiss and Cindy Stockton Moore
GrizzlyGrizzly_Card   Material Proxy: Community Supported Art
Sarah Kate Burgess, Brian Giniewski, and Linda Yun
December 7 - December 29, 2012
GrizzlyGrizzly_Ergotist   The Ergotist
Rudy Shepherd, Matthew Cusick, Jason Robert Bell, Scott Taylor
November 2 - December 2, 2012
Curated by Josh Weiss
ObscureCamerasGrizzlyGrizzly   Obscure Cameras
Jeffrey Moser, Jonathan David Price and Julie Schustack
October 5 - 27, 2012
Curated by Matt Price
0912_saver   Poseur
Eric Ashcraft and Brian Hubble
September 7 - 28, 2012
Curated by Ruth Scott Blackson
Hot! August! Night!
Molly Denisevicz, Nadine Guerrera, Peter Morgan, Jordan Graw & Jared Burak,
Adam Lovitz & Vince Johnson & Ritz Reynolds,
Kris Harzinski & Will Haughery & Chester Zecca
One Night Only Performance Event: August 3, 6-10PM 2012
Curated by Mike Ellyson and Ruth Scott Blackson
GrizzlyGrizzlyCoop   Coop Collective Exchange Show
July 6 - 28, 2012
Grizzly Grizzly   'Inside Space'
Mark Sengbush & John Chwekun
June 1 - 30, 2012
Curated by Mike Ellyson and Matt Price
Grizzly Grizzly   Microwave
Charlotte Hallberg & Johannes Deyoung
May 4 - 26, 2012
Curated by Dennis Matthews
Threaded Interface: Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza
a part of Fiber Philadelphia
April 6 - 28, 2012
Curated by Mary Smull
March 2 - 31, 2012
First Friday Opening Reception: March 2nd, 6-10PM
Curated by Cindy Stockton Moore
  Samantha Mitchell: Totems and Topographies
'Other Possible Title' Winner Solo Exhibition
February 3 -25, 2012
GrizzlyGrizzly_Duett   Duett: Alanna Lawley and Matt Giel
Guest Curated by Becky Hunter
January 6 - 28, 2012
GrizzlyGrizzly_SouthernCross   Southern Cross
Stacy Fisher, Rob Matthews, Matthew Fisher, Patrick Brennan, and Chris Moss
December 2 - 18, 2011
OtherPossibleTitles   Other Possible Titles
A Juried Exhibition
November 4 - 26, 2011
Organized by Jacque Liu. Juried by: Mike Ellyson, Jacque Liu, Dennis Matthews, Matthew Price, Cindy Stockton Moore, Ruth Scott Blackson, and Josh Weiss.
Patrick Gavin
October 7-29, 2011
Curated by Jacque Liu and Mary Smull
Grizzly Grizzly: Steinwachs Gilkerson   Out of Context
Skye Gilkerson and Sarah Steinwachs
September 2 - October 1, 2011
Curated by Jacque Liu and Cindy Stockton Moore
Mike Richison
Friday, August, 5th: 6-10PM
Curated by Jacque Liu
Jeff Williams  
Jeff Williams
July 1 - 30, 2011
Curated by Cindy Stockton Moore
LJRoberts   The Queer Houses of Brooklyn In The ThreeTowns of Breukelen, Boswyck, and Midwout
Lacey Jane Roberts
June 3 - 26, 2011
Curated by Mary Smull
grizzly grizzly   String (Figure) Theory : Lost Then Found
Ann Gaziano and Lauren Ruth
May 6 - 29, 2011
Curated by Mike Ellyson and Jacque Liu
  Strike Slip
Laura Moriarty and Josh Weiss
April 1 - May 1, 2011
Curated by Cindy Stockton Moore
  I Apologize in Advance
Milton F Stevenson V
March 4 -27, 2011
Exchange Exhibition
Carrie Dickason and Mike Hein
February 4- 26, 2011
Curated by Cindy Stockton Moore and Mary Smull
0111GrizzlyGrizzly   'Lost in Looking,'
Derya Hanife Altan & Casey Droege
January 7 - 30, 2011
Curated by Mary Smull
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