Mike Richison

Simulsuck, Friday, August 5th: 6-10PM

Grizzly Grizzly is proud to announce a First Friday performance event ‘Simulsuck’ by Mike Richison, a New Jersey based artist known for his inventive interpretations of reused materials. The one-night-only multimedia event, featuring found sculptural ‘instruments,’ video projection and experimental electronic sound, will take place on Friday August 5th from 6-10PM.  There is no charge for admission, and viewers are welcome to stop by throughout the evening to experience this rhythm based, improvisational music performance.

Mike Richison’s eclectic process involves the collection and reassembly of discarded materials. An artist working in a variety a media, he is interested in the idea of reassigning (or voiding) utility by creating a new context for the objects he employs. ‘Simulsuck’ is an extension of Richison’s latest artistic direction:  a mash-up of video, performance, sculptural assemblage and custom electronics. Controllers made of recycled plastic materials encase interactive electronic meters and dials that feed information such as volume and pitch into the computer program Max/MSP/Jitter. The program then outputs video (comprised of television commercials) while altering it according to the incoming data. The resulting performance is a free-form visual and audio experiment unfolding over the course of the event.

After calling the Detroit, Michigan area home for a number of years, Mike Richison relocated to Long Branch, New Jersey in 2007. He is currently at Monmouth University where he teaches Motion Graphics, History of Graphic Design and Typography. He considers himself a multimedia artist who utilizes a variety of media and approaches including graphic design, video, sculpture, printmaking, drawing and installation. He has exhibited and performed at several venues in the New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Detroit areas.