Victoria Lucas

Interruptions, April 2013

This April, 2013 Grizzly Grizzly is pleased to present "Interruptions", the work of British artist Victoria Lucas. In her evocative photographic series, Lucas archives empty subway staircases from the U8 line in Berlin, highlighting the transient nature of the contemporary city. In a continuation of Lucas' project she will be exploring SEPTA's underground train network as a part of her exhibition at Grizzly Grizzly.

The exhibition will be comprised of large scale photographic works supplemented by a publication of the staircases photographed in Berlin and Philadelphia. An essay written by Dr. Mat Gregory and introduction by Jacque Liu will be included in the publication.

Victoria Lucas describes the act of photographing these typically animated spaces as "evoking a feeling of absence as the imagery is examined. The empty, deadpan images with their gritty aesthetic allude to the fleeting movements of their former temporary inhabitants, and their voices, scents, thoughts, flesh." Her use of photography strives to re-construct and re-imagine past events, often from the starting point of an everyday object, sound or situation bringing to light the minutiae as a means to address underlying existential concerns.

Artist Bio

Victoria Lucas is currently based at Bloc Studios in Sheffield, UK. She exhibits both within the UK and internationally and has artworks in private and institutional collections (including Tate Library and Archive, Tate Britain). In addition to this, she has worked both independently and collaboratively on a large number of curated projects, co-directed a Berlin-based residency program in 2008/9, and is co-founder of Arts_Hub, a listserve that connects a growing network of visual artists and arts organizations in the Wakefield district. She completed her MFA at The University of Leeds in 2007 and is currently a Fine Art Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire.