Kim Faler and Kirsten Kindler

Permanent, June 2013

This June, Grizzly Grizzly is thrilled to present ‘Permanent’, a two-person exhibition featuring Kim Faler and Kirsten Kindler.  Showing together for the first time, each artist will create a new site-specific work in response to the architectural cues of the gallery space.  This collection of work – including wall drawings, interactive sculpture, and collage – explores materiality in a way that questions the very idea of permanence.

Massachusetts-based artist, Kim Faler will introduce two new pieces: an expanse of ornamental hand-drawn wallpaper that spans the back of the gallery, as well as a large boulder cast in purple wax that invites visitors to carve their marks into its luminous surface.   Faler’s work presents the nuances of the everyday through the use of material, process, and audience engagement.  Playing with notions of stability and context, she is able to create personal connections with otherwise strictly formal objects.  Speaking of the pairing with Kindler, she says “we are both "playing" with mundane objects and materials… shifting scales, erasure, negating the function of the objects and the emphasizing importance of the handmade.”

Kirsten Kindler is coming in from Richmond, Virginia to install a large-scale cut-paper collage that will envelop the free-standing column in the gallery, in addition to small works on paper.  Her intricately cut constructions feature impossibly delicate excisions of symbols of material culture pulled from magazines: architectural details, furniture, electronics.  She points to a shared sense of play between her work and Faler’s: “The intimate scale of these works reference a dollhouse and… building a "fort” (as many of us did as children) out of what ever was around: grandma's folding card table, old tablecloths, empty boxes.... tapping into the imagination and transforming ‘mundane objects’ into building blocks.”

Artist Bios

Kim Faler is currently based in North Adams, Massachusetts.  Recent solos shows include ‘Everything Changes Everything’ at LaMontagne Gallery in South Boston and ‘Thank Something Large’ at RhysMendes Gallery in São Paulo Brazil.  Her work has been included in group exhibitions at MassMoCA, Plug Projects (Kansas City), DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum (Lincoln, MA) Mixed Greens (NYC) and Guest Spot (Baltimore.)  Kim Faler previously exhibited at Grizzly Grizzly in the group exhibition ‘Jesus Freaks’ in 2009.  Kim Faler is represented by LaMontagne Gallery; she received her MFA from Cranbrook in 2008.

Kirsten Kindler was born in New York City but lives and works in Richmond, Virginia.  She has recently been featured in ‘Work/Space’ at Acme Gallery (Los Angeles), ‘Art on Paper 2012’ at the Weatherspoon Museum (Greensboro, NC), and ‘Silhouettes– Pure Contour’ at Museum Bellerive (Zurich, Switzerland.)  Her most recent solo projects were at: Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects (Toronto, Canada) and the Virginia Center for Architecture (Richmond, Virginia.)  Kirsten Kindler is represented by ada gallery; she received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1993