Sarah Eberle and Ben Will

Making Eyes, November 2013

Grizzly Grizzly is excited to announce its upcoming November exhibition, ‘Making Eyes’, a collaborative exhibition by Sarah Eberle and Ben Will of Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art.  Part of the CITYWIDE month of exchange programming across Philadelphia, ‘Making Eyes’ speaks to the core concepts of the working together at the intersection of life and art.  It will feature three new sculptures by Sarah Eberle and Ben Will and mark the first time that the couple has created artwork collaboratively.
Building on top of each other’s process, the married pair of Eberle and Will strike a balance of personal style within a cohesive whole.  Ben Will’s industrial yet organic sculpture becomes a structure onto which Sarah Eberle’s intricate, cut-paper floral designs climb and cover.  Augmenting and rearranging the paper forms, the pair continues the push-and-pull of process until they find a balance.   Both artists use found materials.  Eberle works with decorative toilet paper wrappers collected from bars and restaurants around Philadelphia, while Will builds from roadside trash and magazine images.  ‘Making Eyes’ promises to be an engaging exhibition, showcasing two artists taking risks and  ‘flirting with’ each other’s processes.

About CITYWIDE: a group of like-minded, independent art groups currently active in Philadelphia have come together for the CITYWIDE project. Through CITYWIDE, these groups will unify Philadelphia's artist-run collectives in a multi-gallery month-long exhibit. Throughout November 2013, more than twenty collectives will participate in an exchange of exhibitions, ideas and practices. The multi-venue exhibit will be located in different neighborhoods throughout the city.  More at

Artist Bios

Sarah Eberle studied studio art at The University of California at Berkeley.  She has worked at numerous galleries throughout the United States, including The Print Center and Kala Art Institute, and was founding member of The Gallery, an award winning gallery based in San Jose, California.  She and partner Ben Will founded Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art in 2006.  Her artwork has been shown at various galleries, both nationally and internationally, including Worth Ryder Gallery (Berkeley CA,) SACI Gallery (Florence Italy) and Live With Animals (Brooklyn NY.)

Ben Will is an artist and gallery owner.  He graduated from Middlesex University in London with a degree in painting.  He has curated and exhibited as an artist both nationally and internationally.  For the past five years, he has run Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art in Philadelphia.  He is also an artist member of Vox Populi gallery in Philadelphia.