Elizabeth Hamilton, Christopher Powell, and Julian Rogers

Roshambo, September 2015

This September, the Grizzly Grizzly space will permeate your senses with fluctuating states of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. “Roshambo” explores our five senses with a group exhibition featuring sculpture, painting, and a sight specific sound piece. Elizabeth Hamilton, Christopher Powell and Julian Rogers create works that employ formal elements that heighten an individual’s senses. Each artist approaches specific senses to first engage the viewer, then draw them into complex personal narratives, methods of making and modes of presentation that reinterpret established genres.

Artist Bios

In her sculpture, Elizabeth Hamilton (Philadelphia) works with practices ranging from found objects to complete fabrications. Her sculptures contain an honesty of assembly, presentation, and materials which leave construction methods visible. Much of her work stems from personal narrative specifically exploring grief through sensory experiences such as smell and sound.

Christopher Powell (Philadelphia) has created a sound piece “Lunar” in direct response to the physical works in the show. “Lunar” expresses dimension, fragility, and layering. Using Granular Synthesis, (an audio process that limits the sound, as if you’re only hearing where little grains of sand had been sprinkled across a track) Chris explores phasing and slow shifting, layering crisp sound globules with evolving disintegrating sonic elements.

Currently based in Los Angeles, painter Julian Rogers will be exhibiting works that probe into a phenomenological take on the still-life tradition. His technically proficient paintings reveal various fruits placed among textured surfaces of rock. With a dramatically darkened lighting scenario, viewers must search out objects that in turn provide the certainties found in the tradition of realist painting. The result is stubborn paintings, in the sense that the eyes of the viewer must adjust to the inner light of the work.