Richard Hogan, Doah Lee, Sarah Legow, and Heather Raquel Phillips

Echolocation, February 2016 

This February, Grizzly Grizzly hosts "Echolocation" a group exhibition featuring Richard Hogan, Doah. Lee, Sarah Legow, and Heather Raquel Phillips. The provocative selection of painting, collage, photography and video engages mimesis, mimicry, and replication as formal principles and conceptual approaches. Echolocation is curated by Haely Chang, Kirsten Gill, and Hilary R. Whitham as a part of The Incubation Series, a collaboration between the Fine Arts and History of Art Graduate Programs at the University of Pennsylvania. 

In Eunyoung Lee's paintings, amalgams of recognizable, quasi-universal symbols and unruly yet familiar abstractions, oscillate between almost and barely recognizable. In site-specific installations and collage- and text-based pieces, Sarah Legowjuxtaposes seemingly arbitrary found objects in complex visual phrases. Heather Raquel Phillips creates stylized, staged photographs, primarily portraits that revel in saturated color and burlesque visual drama. Her recent work contemplates the adoption of disguise and personae, and behavioral miming more generally. Richard Hogan's photos interrogate canonical approaches to both the style and subject matter of photography, moving towards a transcendent critique of not only the medium itself, but also a broader history of image- making. Through his seemingly unassuming investigations, the unique abilities of photography to imitate, heighten, and subvert reality are gradually revealed. 

This is the second exhibition in The Incubation Series, which takes its name from the idea that graduate school is a laboratory where one can test out new ways of thinking. Fostered by Keenan Bennett, Haely Chang, Kirsten Gill, and Hilary R. Whitham, the program aims to showcase the work of MFA candidates, while offering an opportunity for art history graduate students to expand their curatorial practices.