A Mesh is Also a Snare
Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
August-September, 2017

Artists: Talia Greene, Amy Hicks, Michael Konrad + Jason Varone, Kristin Lucas, Susan Robb, Ephraim Russell, Sarah Steinwachs, Cindy Stockton Moore + Rachel Wetzel + Sarah Pulver, and Josh Weiss 

Mesh can mean a complex situation or series of events in which a person is entangled; a concantenation of constraining or restricting circumstances; a snare.  
The title, A Mesh is Also a Snare, is derived from an ecological concept that all forms of life are connected in a vast entangling mesh. No construct exists independently from the entanglement, nor does "human" or "nature" exist as separate hierarchial entities; they are interdependent. Mesh/Snare uses this line of thinking to explore the myriad ways in which technology connects art and science; neither field precedes the other but instead acts upon the other to form new cultural and political ideologies. The mesh that makes up the artist-curatorial collective Grizzly Grizzly has invited fellow practioners to pursue the elusive and complex nexus between art and science.